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Why Businesses Choose DigitalMint

Access to any cryptocurrency necessary

Fast approvals and same day ransom settlements

High liquidity to support any size ransom settlement

Compliance expertise and OFAC Sanctions review

Available 24/7/365

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DigitalMint Settlement Process







We will decide if a payment should be made based on known OFAC exposure and risks associated with your organization.

Our team will provide liquidity and convert your currency into cryptocurrency needed for the settlement payment.

Our specialists will provide documentation of each step of the transaction and settlement.

About DigitalMint

DigitalMint is a trusted cryptocurrency ransomware settlement provider, enabling clients to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to settle ransomware incidents. Our organization facilitates the acquisition of cryptocurrency on behalf of our clients, from small businesses to large publicly traded companies, for immediate and compliant resolutions. 

Since 2014, DigitalMint has purchased over $300 million in cryptocurrency for ransomware settlements. Our mission is to provide immediate ransomware settlement and the best potential of attack resolution with the highest standard of security and compliance.

Trusted Settlement Professionals

DigitalMint is a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network-Registered Money Services Business, FinCEN BSA Registration: 31000233761836, and DigitalMint Technologies ULC is a Registered Member of FINTRAC in Canada FINTRAC: M22079694. We adhere to all federal banking regulations regarding the Bank Secrecy Act, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Consolidated Canadian Autonomous Sanctions List, Know Your Customer laws, and all Anti-Money Laundering rules. Our experienced team works with all stakeholders in the ransomware settlement process including, legal counsel, insurance carriers, incident response consultants, negotiators, cyber forensic firms, and victim organizations. 

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